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How can I take payments through ReservationKey?
ReservationKey does not offer its own credit card processing, but works with several different companies that handle payments. Here are the options for accepting payments.

Yapstone / InnPayment / VacationRentPayment
Fully integrated. Seems like a great alternative to having to pay monthly fees for processing, and competitive rates.
Many happy clients reporting they pay NO monthly fees, just a straight percentage (2.75%).
Tony Maskell, Account Executive
Office : 925-407-8745

Easy to set up, good rates, modern technology.
Fully automates the payment process. The guest's credit card can be charged a deposit at time of making the reservation. Additional payments can be charged by you with a click of a button from within the Payments section of the Reservation Details. PRO Completely automated. No need to ask guest for their credit card when they arrive/checkout since that information is saved in ReservationKey (using a secure token with CON Customer Information Manager (CIM) required to process credit cards within ReservationKey with a push of a button. Normally there is an additional charge from for CIM.
Anthony Harrison, sales rep, Central Payment
512 939-0437
Free processing equipment.
Inc. 500/5000 company
Accredited Business with BBB
Electronic Transactions Assoc. member
Lifetime Low Price Guarantee
Reseller: Lisa Wise, First Financial Merchant Services
801-498-0805 direct
* Works in Canada

Offline Credit Card
This is the only option that does not involve an external company. With this method, the last four digits of the guest's credit card are saved in ReservationKey. The remainder of the digits are emailed to you. When you want to charge the card you need to create the full number by retrieving the digits from the email and from within ReservationKey. PRO No extra fees. CON Credit card processing not automated within ReservationKey.

Guests are redirected to PayPal to make their payment. Once they pay, ReservationKey is updated to show the amount of their payment. The system can be set up to automatically change status color once the payment goes through. One way to set this up is so that upon initial reservation request the calendar is not blocked. Once payment is made, the status can be set to one that blocks the dates on the calendar. PRO No monthly fee. Very quick to set up. Decent rates. People familiar with PayPal. CON Some people strongly dislike PayPal. Guests may make reservations but not follow through with payment.

GoEMerchant / FirstPayment
Highly recommended. Fully automated payment processing. Click a button within ReservationKey to charge the guest's card.
PRO Competitive pricing; find out right now how much it will cost by clicking here to receive a quote. CON Not free.

Similar to and GoEMerchant. Click a button to charge your guest's card, and a deposit can be charged automatically at time of reservation. PRO Fully automated. CON No online quote option.
MATT BRUNO Director of Independent Sales Channels, Payment Logistics
Toll free: 888.472.9564 ext 231
updated 1/8/2019 9:08:27 PM

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