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How can I take payments through ReservationKey?
Can you recommend a web designer?
How do I export my data from Rezovation?
What steps should I take prior to "going live" with my new ReservationKey account?
How do I set ReservationKey as my PMS in Myallocator?
What is the typical use of each of the website messages?
How do I export my data from Webervations?
Answers to commonly asked questions from clients coming from Webervations and Rezovations
How do I include room/unit specific information in an email template?
Using the Search Bar
How do I set up an alternate rate plan for my corporate guests?
Will disabling TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 affect me?
Can the system send emails automatically based on a date such as a birthday or anniversary?
What do I do when my rates show as $0?
Setting up hold codes for groups
How can we add a small availability calendar widget to our website?
How can I get a text message when I receive a new reservation?
How can I find my API login information; AVS settings?
Is it possible to import RESERVATION data from my old reservation system into ReservationKey?
How do I set up a verified email address?
Best Practices for Setting up a Hotel Style Account
How do we link our Reservation Page to our website?
How do I change rates for specific rooms?
Most Common Questions from Prospective Clients
One (or more) of my units are not showing on my availability calendar. How do I fix this?
My PayPal payment for my ReservationKey subscription failed. How do I update my funding source in PayPal?
How do we set up automatic emails?
Do you have a list of properties currently using ReservationKey that I can look at in order to see how the booking part of the system works?
How do I add a room to an existing reservation?
How do I resize my photos so that they are less than 800kb in size?
Why am I finding some emails are still in the queue and were not sent automatically?
When using Offline Payment Method with Gift Certificates, how do I validate the certificate?
How can I export my guest information (create an email list)?
How do I add ReservationKey Facebook Apps?
How can I use an availability search box and have the results show in an iframe?
Is it possible to import GUEST data from my old reservation system into ReservationKey?
How do we change the check in time box to a dropdown field?
How do we add an optional fee for pets?
How do I set up a mobile version of my Reservation Page?
How do I customize a theme?
How do I set the time zone to my local time?
How do we print a guest receipt / folio / registration form?
How do we set which rooms/units are bookable on our public Reservation Page(s)?
How do I change the dates of an existing reservation?
How can I see a list of reservations that have an outstanding balance?
How can I delete a reservation?
How do we view our Reservation Page(s) and test the system?
How can I screen every reservation request (dates are not blocked until I confirm the reservation)?
How do I export my reservation data?
How can we add a field to the reservation form (custom fields)?
How does the waiting list feature work?
What is the best way to help debug an issue with the system?
How can we make our Reservation Page match the look and feel of our website?
How do we disable automatic emails when we enter our existing reservations?
How do we change the rates just for specific weekends?
How do we require a credit card number upon reservation, but the guest's card is not charged?

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